"The Sissy Maid Bet"

by Tiffany Chastain

Who knew a simple bet with my wife could change my life so drastically?
A sexy, kinky story of a husband and wife evolving their relationship through the use of a chastity cage and feminization.
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance

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Sean is a passionate football fan. However, his wife, Christina, is anything but and believes watching football is a waste of time and interfering with their relationship. In order to allow Sean to keep watching the game he loves, she makes him agree to wear a chastity cage and devote all of his free time to her. The cage isn’t enough for Christina and she soon starts implementing chastity bets on each game to make things more interesting for her. If Sean wins the bet, he gets a reward, but if he loses, he gets punished. The bets are simple enough... until the championship game comes around Christina wants to place a championship level bet - if Sean wins then he will get a night of passionate sex, but if he loses he has to become her sissy slave. When he loses the bet, Christina wastes no time in starting her plan to transform her husband to a submissive sissy slave. Through feminization, crossdressing, and domination, Christina unveils her plan to not only turn Sean into her sissy slave, but eventually, her sissy maid.